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La Medicina- Relationship Building with Plant Medicine

Plants and their medicine has been available to our kind for all of human history. They have the patience and love to teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons.

Join me for this special 4 week course in which we will dive deep into the world of our Plantcestors. Option to join a group Ceremony to initiate your journey with your chosen companion.

  • Learn how to make a long lasting connection to our plants and their Spirit.
  • Making simple medicine and beginner magical preparations with your plant ally.
  • Plant as medicine, the connection of plants to the cosmos and our history.
  • Dieting/ connecting and growing a lasting effect of plants in our body, mind and spirit.
  • Each week we will make a new medicine with your chosen plant ally

We will meet once a week for 4 weeks for 90 min via Zoom. You will have an opportunity to pick a plant for your journey and will have at home exercises, and time to share about your chosen new companion.

We begin November 6th and meet Thursdays at 7pm EST. We will have an optional ceremony to commemorate our Initiation to Plant Medicine Relationship with the full moon energy on November 28th

Offerings are as follow. Please see the Integrity payment chart to place the proper offering based on your Financial Privilege here

Tier 1 – $123 or $25 per class

Tier 2- $222 or $45 per class

Tier 3- $333 or $65 per class

Full Payments via Paypal to this link

Full Payments via Cashapp to this link

Yoni Eggcercise Class

Come learn and do Yoni Egg Movements to improve your pelvic floor, bring more juiciness into your life, and connect you to your creative space of wisdom.

Class is inclusive to anyone using a yoni egg for pelvic floor body work.

We will be meeting via Zoom for a 30 min min active exercise class and meditation using our yoni eggs.

Join me every other Tuesday 7am EST and every other Friday 2pm EST via Zoom.

We will begin Friday September 4th 2pm EST

Donation Based class

Cash APP: $JhoselynThomas

Click here to sign up

Sacred Sexual Energy- The Basics to Sex as Ceremony


During this 6 week Sacred ceremony course we will dive deep into how to create your life in a bliss zone!

DATES COMING TO YOU IN 2021. we will discuss the basics to Tantric sex, to orgasmic meditation and how to make your body a temple of bliss.

I want to show you how to add the same juice to your life that has created a whole experience for mine!

+ Learn how your breath and your brain is the gateway to Sacred Sexuality.

+ Bring more connection and bliss to your solo, partnered, or group experiences.

+ Manifest real 3D experiences and things while harnessing your creative power!

Join me via zoom for this 6 week course, via Zoom from 7-9 on Fridays in November. We will share a real ceremony on the 7th week to align our new creations!

Offerings are as follow. Please see the Integrity payment chart to place the proper offering here

Tier 1 – $246

Tier 2- $444

Tier 3- $678

Payments via Paypal to this link

Payments via Cashapp to this link