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My Offerings

~ Classes and Services Offered~ 

All classes are available to teach one on one or in group settings.

If you’d like to host LaVida Divine for classes contact me, I am always open for traveling to teach and share the healing knowlege !

Check my  Events page  OR schedule a MINI 30 min consultation to learn more ways to connect!

  • Vaginal Egg Basic/ Intermediate/ Advanced Classes
  • Yoni/ Vaginal Health, healing and knowledge
  • Personal Tantra Practices
  • Sensual Movement for Women
  • Basic Tantric Partnered Practices
  • Breast Health and Healing Practices and Knowledge
  • Sacred Pleasure Knowledge for ALL Ages
  • Sacred  Goddess Classes and Intensives
  • Woman’s Sacred Moon/ Gathering Circles
  • Guayusa- Lucid Dream Tea Ceremony
  • Medicinal Infused Tantric Practice Workshops
  • Shamanic clearings
  • Oracle Readings
  • Personalized herbal infusions, salves and steams


ALL my Sessions are Open to ALL.

If you are in need of healing and are unable to cover the exchange requested please email me  .I offer a LIMITED amount of sliding scale options, to individuals that qualify.  My  Path is to Connect to Those that seek my Medicine. 

~Energy Healing Sessions~


A limpia is a cleansing or releasing of “bad” energy from the body through healing ceremonies and prayer. Using specific herbs, tonics and other spiritual tools used for generations by my ancestors.  This is a great way to help remove obstacles that are blocking you from your best self.

Note: This session encompasses a 45- 60 min of cleansing and healing. Also a Spiritual Consultation and Guidance.

Price : $57 + $20 for herbs and tonics

Full Moon Energy Healing with Selenite

Image result for selenite wand

A limpia is a cleansing or releasing of “bad” energy from the body through healing ceremonies and prayer. Using specific herbs, tonics and other spiritual tools used for generations by my ancestors. This Powerful Cleanse includes attuned energies of Selenite wands to assist you in Opening the Chakras, remove blockages and clear and purify your intentions, open clarity for your most amazing manifestations.

Note: This session encompasses 90 min of energy work, and is only available during FULL MOONS. Limited appointments available for in person or distance healing


Price: for Service: $77

includes intuited herb blend for limpia


Spiritual Energy Sessions

This session offers an experience that infuses La Vida Divine’s  modalities of energy and spiritual healing designed to help improve and balance your energy and spirit. The methods being used are individually designed for you. Intuited herbs, crystals, and limpia , accompanied by  a reading and guidance

Note: This session encompasses 60 min of energy work.

 Price: $ 107


Kundalini Energy Sessions” 

Image result for tantric art

This healing session offers the experience of using tantric and sexual energy healing to bring forth and provide a safe, professional and healing environment for your self healing and nurturing. This session aims to bring you closer to your original  Sexual self. Available to men and couples. I can guide you into learning how to better share your sexual energy with your partner(s)! Perfect for couples of all Dynamics!!

Note: This session encompasses 2-2.5 hours of healing work.

Price: $257

“The Goddess Touch “


This Amazing healing session including a Yoni massage is a great way to learn your unique body and pleasure zones, to receive therapeutic touch. Get in touch with the Goddess within. We will journey into this session transforming your body into a more pleasure positive vessel. Utilizing my Nursing and Tantric experiences I will provide a safe and caring container for your life changing experience. This service is available to anyone with a vulva/vagina

Note: This session encompasses 1.5-2 hours of healing.

  Price: $ 227 (Packages avail) 

~Spiritual Restoration ~



A Day of Spiritual Restoration

This is the most dedicated form of restoration offered! Imagine an 8-10 hour intensive day of healing and restoration where healing foods, spiritual/cleansing baths, herbs, tantric healing, readings and rituals are all focused on your well being and transformation. I provide the atmosphere of divine healing. This 8 hour day of refuge will restore your mind, body, as well as spirit and leave you more renewed than you have ever felt!

This service comes with a free 60 minute consultation. Price: $807

See my coaching services available to assist you on a more regular basis as well!