“I had  spoken to another guest at the Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat and her experience with Goddess/Shaman Jhoselyn made me realize I needed a Goddess Touch Massage.  For months/years my relationship with my Vagina had been detached and not the connection I truly desired. She felt dry, tight and really restrictive. After my Goddess Touch massage, my yoni is open , juicy and vibrational! I feel a very strong 3rd eye-yoni connection. I am not the same woman that arrived at the Retreat. I am forever appreciative for my experience. I look forward to many more massages with Goddess Jhoselyn. All is well with my Yoniverse and unfolding exactly as it should.”


I want you to know Goddess Jhoselyn that your work, your touch and your hands are so relaxing and healing that I was floating the rest of the day after our session. My body felt electric,  the pain I had in my lower back was released and my center had balance again. I think you have a gift for knowing how to read a person’s body quite well. I was surprised because I would think ” I need more pressure there.” and you would ask or intuitively go deeper. This and the sense of care you bring, the level of communication and safety, while allowing me to voice my truth, this was so beautiful! I also experienced some new techniques I hadn’t experienced before. Finally, you are wonderful medicine for the body and soul. I look forward to being on your table again soon!”


“I have always been a skeptic. I was raised by a woman who saw everything in black and white and hence was geared in that philosophy as well. So when Jhoselyn approached me about energy work,  I quickly said no. She didn’t push but then I was going through a rough patch and I decided to open my ears, brain and heart. I allowed my friend to help me and I can’t begin to explain how happy I am that I went through  with it her! I am no longer a skeptic but a believer. I have never been through so many emotions in one period. It was overwhelming but amazing all at once! It’s been so amazing that I have embarked on the journey more than once and I recommend everyone to take advantage of this fantastic experience to work with her!” 

henna lotus


“As a Tantra energy healer with a fairly successful practice, I have a need for healing services that can refill my tank and keep me functioning at a level where I can properly be of service to the clients that I work with. I am pretty selective about what practitioners I trust with the job of restoring me. Jhoselyn is one of the very few people who has earned that trust! It is undeniable when a person has discovered their purpose in life and is walking in that purpose. In her roles as nurse, mom, friend, and energy healer, Jhoselyn is always helping to make people whole. I am honored to be able to call her my friend and I look forward to many more sessions  with her helping to keep my energy flowing all the way right, all the time.”


 “Jhos made me feel completely comfortable discussing ‘provocative’ topics. She set up a soothing environment using sage and incense to cleanse, crystals to energize, and of course alcoholic beverages to break the vocal barriers we put on ourselves regarding sexuality. She included both scientific and “other-worldly” knowledge, which is necessary in order to understand the facts and how they relate to us in a mindful manner. What stood out to me most was the use of yoni eggs. Although I’ve used crystals for healing physical objects, mental thoughts, and my physical health in an external manner, I had never heard of using crystals internally for healing my sexual organs before. Crazy right? No. it completely made sense to me! Goddess Jhos explained the scientific data behind this method, as well as the holistic benefits. She even explained the different uses of each crystal, depending on your needs at any given time. Her class was enlightening and I highly recommend it to anyone who is open to learning beyond what is considered the ‘norm’.”  

“I was referred to Jhoselyn from my BN yoga teacher. We met for coffee and chatted about our path in life and how her sessions may fill my needs for growth in learning more about Tantra. We have met several times and each one was better and more relaxing as our energy came together. Jhocelyn has a very special gift to offer!” 

Cazembe RMT:

“I had the privilege of spending ‘A Day of Spiritual Restoration’ with the loving Goddess Jhos. She once told me that she has been an ER Nurse for 14 years because she, “loves helping put people back together again.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons why she is so good at what she does. Jhoselyn has the effortless ability to relax you, and make you feel as though you are the most important person in the world. She listens, consoles, serves, gives, cares for and honors without a hint of fatigue, judgment, or apathy… only love. She sang for me, bathed me in herbs and spirits, cooked for me, performed energy work on me, prayed over me, held me, did readings for me, counseled me, healed me, performed rituals for me, and showered me with compassion. Jhoselyn is a truly gifted, intelligent, skilled, and divine Light Worker who is willing to share her gifts with those that are ready to receive them. If you are a man, Jhoselyn will make you feel like a King. If you are a woman, Jhoselyn will make you feel like a Queen. Jhoselyn is that rare healer who operates with integrity, love, and devotion. To experience her is to experience The Divine Feminine.”


“I was feeling shame and disgust while self-pleasuring, so I stopped my self love practice over several months. I felt like a failure and was unenthusiastic about self pleasuring.  During my Goddess Massage with Jhoselyn I experienced the release of several blocks which showed up as crying and feeling the shame and sadness in my yoni.  I felt so safe with Jhoselyn, she was gentle and professional. It is amazing how much trauma and negative experiences the body and vagina can hold. After my massage I’ve noticed myself having a voice, feeling magnetic and being able to connect with myself more. I have now began my exploration with Tantra and self-love and pleasuring has returned to my now juicy life.”